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If you’re like 30% of American women, you struggle with vaginal odor. 

It’s not your fault – it’s just a pH imbalance. 

FlowerPower™ is a pharmaceutical-grade vaginal suppository that helps rapidly rebalance your vaginal pH, overnight.  Just insert it into your vagina at night and wake up refreshed. 

It's cruelty-free, scientifically proven, and incredibly safe!  (in fact,  the ingredient in our product (boric acid) has been used by doctors for over 100 years.)

Try our 3-capsule sample today, and notice amazing benefits within 24 hours.  We'll pay for the product, you just pay small shipping cost ($3.97).  Orders are shipped with USPS in less than 7 days. 

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Here's What Women Are  Saying
Love that it came in a sample pack to try. Great product and it does what it says. Helps to keep your pH level
-  Latisha Scott
I went from smelling a bit metallic and fishy to in one use smelling completely undetectable. I am happy with how quickly it worked to help me feel more confident. I will purchase again and I will recommend. Easy to use, no irritating ingredients, and worked well
- Leah Kay
I'm overly excited about this product. I have only used the suppositories 4x since I received them 2 was ago...I am much more confident and loved that it was an easy process with awesome results 👏 Bravo!!! THIS is NOW one of my forever PRODUCTS🥰
- Patricia
First off this product is the truth. For some time now I just couldn't get my PH on point and only after 1 use I already see the difference. Its easy to use and works immediately. I highly recommend this product. You will feel more confident instantly.
- Shounda
Used it overnight and woke up feeling better and fresher! Definitely recommend!
- Karla Ashley
I used this product to address occasional issues that’s would come up following intercourse. It wasn’t a bad smell just not my “normal”. After 1 day of using this product the unpleasant odor was gone. I used a 2nd 3 days later just to make sure I wasn’t imagining the results. I haven’t had to use it again but I’m sure to keep this nearby just in case I have future concerns with odor. GREAT PRODUCT!!
- Chandra
I felt as if it smelt a little different. But now I don't smell anything!! I love it!!
-  LaShaunna
Things were ok before they're greatttttttttt now
- Darnell
I had been hearing good things about using boric acid suppositories like these and had been wanting to try them out. I was happy to see that I could get a trial size like this. Which honestly these days isn’t a common thing especially with personal care and beauty products. It’s often all or nothing and you gamble on it. If you’re looking at this product the. It’s one of those things that I feel those that are looking into this well you know why you are and I am happy to say yes it works. I could immediately tell a difference the very next day. I am glad I gave these a try and will definitely be keeping them on hand should the need arise for a little refresh.
- Amelia
After receiving the product and trying it I am blown away. I used one suppository following the end of my menstrual cycle and woke up the next morning FRESH. No odor, no weird discharge, no itchiness and even better... ready for intimacy. I remained fresh throughout the day and did not have to worry about any embarrassing odors. A definite must have for any woman especially for those who are easily pH imbalances. I do recommend using at night with a pantry liner as discharge following use is very liquidy but resolves after a few hours. Great product and would buy again and again!
- Chantelle  L.
Self conscious...struggled with issues down there since having a lot of kids....NOW I'm FREE. Can't wait to tell my OB i don't need anymore pills or inserts..this product covers all basis
- Sherri
Omg...I have been looking for something like this my whole life! Keeps your "special something" fresh and yeast infection free . I use a couple a week and every time after sex. Absolutely amazing product! Thank you !!!!
- Jennifer
What Doctors Are Saying About Us 
"...a supplement every women should be aware of and keep in her medicine chest..."
This is a supplement every women should be aware of and keep in her medicine chest... I highly recommend women give this a try, especially if they're plagued with constant yeast infections or BV. Let me know if you give it a try and if it helps you, I really feel confident that it will!   
- Dr. Laura Koniver, M.D.
"...a quick and easy way to help restore your vagina back into its optimal health."
The key ingredient in FlowerPower - boric acid - has been proven to be remarkably effective at helping relieve yeast infections, itching, and odor. FlowerPower helps revitalize the vagina's natural PH balance, which helps it protect itself. FlowerPower a quick and easy way to help restore your vagina back into its optimal health. 
- Dr. Kiran Iqbal M.D. - General Practitioner
"...their products are made in USA and utilize vegan capsules - something that is likely far safer for the vaginal flora."
Boric acid suppositories, like FlowerPower, help restore the vaginal mucosa to more acidic levels. This allows the vagina to help fight microorganisims that can cause itch and odor. FlowerPower does it better - their products are made in USA and utilize vegan capsules - something that is likely far safer for the vaginal flora.
- Dr. R. Mabborang, M.D. - OBGYN
"It's proven to be safe and incredibly effective with vaginal burning, odor and itch. "
We've compounded boric acid for patients for years. It's proven to be safe and incredibly effective with vaginal burning, odor and itch. FlowerPower uses the highest quality ingredients in a vegan capsule, bringing pharmacy-quality products to the comfort of home.
- Dr. Andy Asghar - Pharmacist
"It is natural, cruelty-free, easy to use and most importantly, proven effective."
FlowerPower is a product of years of research of the benefits of its key ingredient, boric acid, to the normal vaginal flora which helps in fighting off infections, unwanted itching and odor. It helps the vagina return to its normal acidic state. It is natural, cruelty-free, easy to use and most importantly, proven effective.
- Dr. V. Cervantes, M.D. - General Practitioner
The Key Ingredient in Our Product
Our product contains 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade boric acid inside our specially designed QuickDissolve™ vegan shell.  Boric acid has been recommended by women's health doctors for over a century, but has  often required a prescription.  Use after sex, during or after menstruation... or any time you just need to 'freshen up'.
"If you’re living with recurrent or chronic yeast infections, boric acid may be a treatment worth investigating. Boric acid has been used to treat vaginal infections for over 100 years." [1]
"I normally tell you to not feed your vagina, but when I do tell you to feed your vagina, I recommend boric acid." 

- Dr. Nita Landry [2]
"Boric acid is one of the more common alternative remedies recommended for vaginal health." [3]
"Another promising remedy is boric acid, a white powder with antifungal and antiviral properties. According to limited research, boric acid suppositories inserted into your vagina may help treat bacterial vaginosis, with few side effects." [4]
"Instead of taking it by mouth or in pill, a boric acid suppository is inserted into the vagina at night for 7-14 days. Some physicians also use boric acid as a preventive measure for women with recurrent BV infections, says Dr. Dweck, advising that they insert a boric acid suppository once or twice a week for 3-4 months." [5]
"Boric acid works by replenishing normal vaginal acidity and balancing vaginal flora (helpful bacteria)." [6]
There's No Catch.. Here's Our Crazy Guarantee
Our stuff works, amazingly.  

We believe that once you try FlowerPower, you'll come back and give us future business. 

It's as simple as that.

That's why we're giving our sample to you - for free. 

So here's the deal: We'll buy the product for you, you just pay the tiny shipping cost.

If for some reason you're not happy with the product, we'll refund the small shipping cost with with no questions asked. 

Here's What You're Gonna Get Today...
Grab your sample today and you'll get:
  • FREE 3-Capsule FlowerPower Suppository Sample Pack: Shipped and at your door within 7 days.  Ready to use to quickly rebalance your vagina so you can rapidly get rid of odor and itch.  Most women notice benefits after one use of the product.  ($9.97 value)
  • FREE Banishing Vaginal Odor eBook: As an added gift, we're throwing in our Banishing Vaginal Odor ebook. The book goes deep on how you can conquer vaginal odor.. for good. From antibiotics to homeopathic medications, our eBook covers it all. ($4.97 value)
  • FREE Private Access to Our Women's Facebook Group: As an added gift we're also giving you access to our private Facebook group where you can chat with other women about anything related to feminine health.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is FlowerPower for?
Our product is designed to help  women over 18 who are dealing with vaginal odor, itch, and excess discharge. 
When do I use it?
You can use FlowerPower any time.  It can be used to help rebalance your vagina after sex, after (or during) menstruation, or as a preventative measure. 

Simply insert one capsule into your vagina with your index finger. Push it up far.. but easy does it.. don't go so far that it hurts.

You can also use our vaginal applicators (sold separately) for easier application.

Within 24 hours, you'll usually notice a reduction in symptoms. Re-use as needed.
What's inside FlowerPower?
Our products are 100% pharmaceutical-grade boric acid, enclosed in vegan capsules.

Boric acid has been used by gynecologists (and other doctors) for over 100 years as a fantastic vaginal pH balancer. It's natural, safe and incredibly effective.

And - best of all - it works very quickly.

The outer shell is made of a quick-dissolving plant-based material. Completely cruelty-free, of course.
How does it work?
The vagina is a bad-ass germ-fighting machine.  Sadly, things can get thrown off-balance quite easily.   And when this happens, the bad bacteria take over and bring itch, odor and other nasty stuff.

Our products simply supply the vagina with a bit of mild acid that helps bring things back to normal by allowing the good bacteria to thrive. And it works amazingly. 
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